Barlean’s Coconut Oil – Review

As a part of Choctoberfest 2016, Barlean’s sent me the butter-flavored coconut oil I used. Please know all the opinions I express are my own, and are based on actual use of the products. 

barleans and cakeI was intrigued by Barlean’s coconut oil. It’s solid at room temperature, but will melt easily – just like butter, right? And this particular jar is butter-flavored coconut oil, so I thought it would be perfect to use in baking.

Off to the kitchen I went, pulling out the ingredients for a simple yogurt chocolate cake with fudge icing.

The result? Fantastic! I probably should have warmed the coconut oil slightly, but my big stand mixer didn’t even pause, and soon the oil and sugar were creamy and light. There was absolutely no change in texture of the cake. I’ve used some coconut oil in the past that yielded a cookie or cake with a definite coconut taste – but this cake had none of that. It was, simply put, a fabulous almond-tinged vanilla cake with a fudge icing.

I am very happy with this product, and will add it to my pantry staples. Thanks again to Barleans for the opportunity!

a reminder: I was given the product to use. All the opinions are my own. 


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