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Canning Tomato Sauce: Preparation

My kitchen smells like tomatoes. This is probably because approximately 125 lbs – 57 kg in metric – sprawls across my kitchen table in five glorious half-bushel bags. I fetched them from the grower this afternoon. I love that smell! 

A jam-packed cupboard

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I make jam whenever there is great local fruit. I thought I’d share the current inventory: 70 jars of jam. Seventy. That is a LOT of jam. And yet I have no jars of raspberry jam or peach chutney,

Eating alone, and kitchen philosophy

I’ve been told I’m an old-fashioned cook. I make bread; I put up jams, jellies, and pickles; I eat lots of fresh vegetables and a generally healthy diet. Some people tell me this is just plain too hard for them –

Emergency! Bread on the Griddle

Subtitle: what to do when the power goes out: from the archive, in hope it might help someone preparing for the current storm. Yes, you CAN still make bread in a power failure!

When we lived in the woods in New England,

Canning Progress in 2012

Whew! Yesterday was a big canning day without outside help. Today I have labeled the jars, and organized the cupboard, and taken inventory. And I am inspired to make a list here of just what I’ve added to that cupboard,

Tomato Season!!

August has been the Month of Tomatoes. Big, beautiful monsters; tiny little cherry gems; Romas, mini-Romas. Red ones, yellow ones, orange ones, green ones … all kinds of tomatoes. That photo above? It’s one week’s share – no, 

It’s Strawberry Night!

At my house this means that the day is filled with rinsing, hulling, and slicing several flats of strawberries, reducing a big pot of them to delicious jam, sealing jars, and in general being Too Busy To Fuss With Cooking.


Applesauce is simple to make, in small or large quantities. We began with a bushel of apples, mixed late-fall varieties: Winesap, Mutsu, Cortland, Spy, and Jonathan.

  • wash and stack the apples
  • de-stem and cut in quarters (eighths if they’re huge apples)
  • get out a big pot
  • put 1-2 cups apple cider in the pot,

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