Chilly Weather and a Warm Kitchen

snowy sad pumpkin

photo credit: looseends via photopin cc

The weather has turned on us – today we had our first snow.  The birds and the squirrels made multiple raids on the feeder, trying to fuel up as much as they could to keep warm. I broke out the fleece socks for portable warmth and comfort even in the coldest weather.

I have some wonderful cold weather cooking on my list: soups, stews, roasts, and long simmering braises. I’m going to roast all the squash from my CSA’s storage share and make lasagna, ravioli, and curried squash soup. There will be roasted root veggies on the table this week, and … well, I’ll share my list. Here are some cold weather cooking ideas.

What are some of your cold weather favorites? Leave a comment!

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