Chocolate Raspberry Tart

There are actually TWO seasons for raspberry here in SE Michigan, which makes me very happy. Summer berries ripen from early July until August, and I can sometimes find a few from local farmers. Fall berries, though, are more plentiful around here. From late August right up until the first frost (usually sometime in October) I can (and do!) get wonderful fresh raspberries at the farmers’ market or even from wild canes I find growing here and there.

chocolate raspberry tart squareOf course I make jam;  how could I not? I make both seedless and regular (seeded) jams. Quite a few pints of berries get eaten just as they are, and some go into this spectacular but simple chocolate raspberry tart.

It’s a four step process, really: first you make a simple little crust, which you can do ahead of time. Then you roll it out, bake it for a bit, and let it cool. Melt chocolate in cream to form a silky ganache, pour that into the baked tart shell, then, finally, pile on the raspberries.

There’s no way to go wrong here, trust me.

Link to recipe: chocolate raspberry tart


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