CSA week 2

Well, well, well! It’s CSA week 2, and today’s box brings us greens – 3 kinds of lettuce and kale – but also radishes, broccoli, potatoes, onion, and, surprise, strawberries!

CSA week 2Those berries are an unexpected treat. While the last part of May was sunny and warm, the temperatures have become cooler again, and I thought that local strawberries weren’t going to be ready until the end of June. I’m not complaining though! We love berries.

This week’s box will make it easy for us to eat big wonderful salads, lettuce wraps, and radishes with butter and salt, maybe even a batch of radish butter to slather on good brown bread. Since it’s cool today, there’s likely to be a pot of soup with potatoes and kale, maybe some sausage, too.

Those berries will certainly be devoured this weekend – no sense in letting them sit! If they’re dead ripe, we’ll simply slice them and add them to some ice cream. If they need a bit more oomph, I’ll try roasting them to boost their flavor. We’ll be looking forward to more berries soon.


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