Fresh Asparagus Soup

When you have good ingredients, you can make good things. When you have great ingredients, you can produce great things. This creamy fresh asparagus soup is one of the best things that’s come from my kitchen in recent weeks.

It’s been a long cool spring, and the asparagus crop here in SE Michigan has been spectacular. After a week or so of summery temperatures, a return to cool evenings prompted me to make this lovely fresh asparagus soup. What a treat!

creamy asparagus soupMy CSA basket included leeks and asparagus that week, so I used them at their freshest. If I had no leeks, I’d have substituted a small onion. Remember that cooking is fun, and it’s perfectly okay to use what you have on hand. There aren’t any recipe police: let your taste be your guide.

A note: this linked recipe is scaled to serve 2, but it can easily be doubled.


Link to recipe: creamy asparagus soup

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