Individual Pavlovas

Springtime makes me long for fresh bright colors and flavors, and these individual lemon curd Pavlovas were perfect recently. For a make-ahead dessert, you can bake and cool the meringues, then store them in an airtight tin among layers of waxed paper. I had lemon curd in the refrigerator, so they were simple to put together: just take a Pavlova from its tin, spoon curd right from the jar, and serve!

Tart and tangy lemon curd from the last of winter’s lemons is added to impossibly light baked meringues, making something a bit like an upside-down lemon meringue pie. Simply spoon lemon curd onto individual Pavlova bases – it’s that simple!

Lemon Curd Pavlova

plate: Fiesta in sage, a new color for 2015

For the lemon curd, let me refer you to Marisa McClellan’s recipe published in her book Food in Jars. This is a terrific book- and I heartily recommend her second book Preserving by the Pint, too! (Note: I have received no compensation; this is my own genuine opinion. Both these books get a lot of use  in my kitchen.) 

You’ll also find the recipe for lemon curd online at Marisa’s blog Food in Jars: Meyer Lemon Curd

And one last little tidbit: I have some samples of the new colors in the FiestaWare ™ line! The photo shows a plate in sage, and you’ll see some that feature the color slate in future photos. I love Fiesta – so many colors to appreciate. (Note: I was sent some sample dishes to use in photography. That they were donated does not purchase my good opinion!) 

Link to the recipe: individual pavlovas

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  1. Thanks, Maurita – I am going to try these when fresh strawberries come in!

    • Judi, there’s nothing better than strawberry Pavlova … except maybe raspberry, or peach, or … now that I think of it, I love them all. Enjoy!

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