It’s Strawberry Season!

There are several reasons why I prefer to eat local food, sourced as close to the farm as possible: I get fresher food, I help support the nearby farming community, and it tastes amazing.

fresh strawberriesSometimes the seasons are short: for example, this year, strawberry season is about 3 weeks long, which means that we’re eating strawberries just as much as we can right now, before the days are so hot that the berries wither.

I’m also putting strawberries by, in jams, sauces, fruit butters, and plain or layered with sugar in freezer bags. There’s something absolutely wonderful about fresh berries over ice cream during a blizzard!

what to do with strawberries

I’ve posted quite a lot about strawberries over the years, so let me point you to some ways you might use the strawberry bounty at your house. Please note that some of these are older posts, that is, not yet included in the Recipe Index. I’m working on that, and I’ll be sure to note here in the list when any recipe is updated.


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