Lazy Summer Cooking

During the Midwest summer, it’s generally hot and often humid. I simplify my cooking in the hot weather: big salads, piles of corn on the cob, bowls of cool fruit, grilled meats. But sometimes we’ll get a burst of cooler air, and for a day or two, the temperatures drop enough to make a hot supper attractive.

I take advantage of the cooler weather when I can. It’s cool enough to use the oven! That means cookies, fresh pies, and the laziest (and best) summer vegetable dish I know.

Take impeccably fresh summer vegetables, slice them thinly, and layer them in a shallow dish. Season with salt and thyme, moisten with oil, and bake until they’re tender and delicious. You can use whatever vegetables you have on hand that you think will go together. I’ve used potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, and summer squash here in a fresh vegetable casserole straight from the south of France.

Link to recipe: summer vegetable tian


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