New Look for Good Stuff!

As if you hadn’t noticed already, right? Yes, there’s been a blog redesign, and while the largest parts of it are complete, there will still be tweaks here and there. I thought I’d take this opportunity to point out some nice new features. I’m referring here to the full screen computer version, but the theme should look good on tablets and even phones as well.

Look up top, first: you can follow me on various social media by clicking on the various icons. I know they’re small; I’m working on getting a larger set. The blog subheadings in a row just below the logo are as they’ve always been. Click on one of those to see posts within that specific category; they’ll appear in reverse chronological order (newest first.)

On this main page you’ll see three “featured” posts, and then, in 3 columns, the most recent 10-12 blog posts, including those three featured. Just click on the photo, or on the “read more” to see the individual post.

As always, there is a post that describes a recipe, and then the post for the recipe itself. If you want to see only the recipes as they’re posted, click on the Recipes heading up top — or look for a recipe within the sidebar at the right. Once you have done that, you’ll see lists of recipes, with photos, and two ways to find recipes on the right sidebar. Let’s say you click on some recipe, any recipe.

Nice photo, huh? The photo associated with the recipe will appear right up top, and then, underneath, you’ll find information like how much time it takes, how many servings, and those sharing buttons again. Look more closely at the one on the left – looks like a printer, right?

Yes! That brings you to “print friendly”, a screen that will permit you to print the recipe (without the photo), create a PDF, or email it.

And now you know how it all works, right? I’m hoping that readers will like the redesign as much as I do, and will find it easy to use. Now, let’s continue on to the food!


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