New Look for the Good Stuff!

Ta-da! I’m happy to reveal the new look of this blog. I’m hoping you’ll like it, and find it much, much easier to get the really good stuff.

There are adjustments involved, of course. The biggest you’ll notice is that recipes have their very own category now, and that from here on out, I’ll write about the recipe in a blog post, and that article will link to the recipe itself. Keeping the recipes in a separate sub-file is part of the magic that will let the indexing work.


Let’s talk about the recipes! Part of this new appearance is a special format for a recipe post. My blog posts will have a link to the specific recipe, which will have predictable formatting, and which can be easily printed. The recipes themselves are what’s shown in the recipe section of the menu bar, organized by date of publication within the recipe structure.

work in progress

At this point, I have formatted recipes that were published at any time in 2015, or for any post that was one of the most recent twelve in any of the categories. That leaves some still to be added, though! I’m going to be working on them quickly, and my goal is to have all the “summer” recipes added into the structure this month, all the “autumn” recipes added by the end of August, and so on. As new recipes get added, they’ll automatically show up in the recipe index. They’ll also show on this front page, so you’ll be able to see my progress week by week.

comments welcome!

This is a major site overhaul, and I’m excited to make the change. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or just want to say attawoman, let me know via the comments.

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