No-knead bread!

We’ve been home from vacation for a few weeks, now. I’ve been making a LOT of bread from the wheat we brought back from Montana, including this no-knead bread. I’ve marked this particular post “Local Harvest” — while the wheat wasn’t grown in Michigan, we were 20 miles from the farm when we bought the wheat berries. That totally counts, right? Of course it does.

no-knead breadI have tweaked a recipe for no-knead bread to incorporate freshly ground wheat flour from my Mockmill grain mill. This loaf has tremendous flavor and a wonderful crust. Not only does it taste great, it is as easy as mixing up a batch of pancakes. This has become our standard loaf.

If you have no grain mill, you still ought to be able to use the recipe with standard whole-wheat flour.


Link to recipe: no-knead wheat bread


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