Pickles: Bread & Butter

bread and butter picklesIt’s been a cool summer so far, which has been perfect weather for cucumbers. I’m taking advantage of the bumper crop to make pickles.

Today’s batch is an old-fashioned favorite: sweet & tangy bread and butter slices. It’s best to use cucumbers with the smallest possible amount of seeds.

I’ve cut mine into the traditional crosswise slices, though you can certainly make spears if you wish.

Link to recipe: bread & butter pickles

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  1. do you find that these stay crispy when you open them? I have the hardest time with pickles turning to mush. Even when I cut off the blossom ends.

    • Yes, these tend to stay crisp – though of course not as crisp as whole pickles will! The smaller you cut things, the softer they’ll wind up. That’s why I like a quarter-inch slice, and not a thinner one, for instance. Pay attention to cooking and processing times, too! Have the brine at the boil, then add back the drained cucumbers and onions, and return to a boil quickly. Quicker means crisper. Have your jars hot, the water in the kettle hot, pack and seal promptly, and get those jars in boiling water as fast as you can. Again, quicker means crisper.

      You might also like to see this lovely article from TheKitchn.com about pickle texture.

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