Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie for #Choctoberfest

I confess it: I’ve developed a smoothie habit. I have found it’s more pleasant to drink a fruity yogurt concoction than it is for me to eat that same yogurt and fruit in a bowl. I’ve learned that commercial smoothies are far, far too sweet for me, or are made with strange ingredients, or are simply too expensive. Over the past few months, I created a standard smoothie recipe for my household. It contains Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a bit of milk to adjust the texture. If there’s any additional sweetening, I use a bit of jam (I always have homemade jam around!). 

Raspberry Chocolate SmoothieFrom that household standard smoothie, it was easy (and fun!) to create something just for #Chocoberfest: a raspberry chocolate smoothie. We’ve all become very fond of it – just a little cocoa powder goes a long way. I’m thinking now of what other fruits will pair so well with chocolate: cherries certainly, but … peaches? pears? I’m going to be experimenting.

Link to recipe: raspberry chocolate smoothie

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