45 minutes
18-24 bar cookies

Whole Wheat Blondies

These blondies came to my kitchen because of my flour situation: the all-purpose flour was getting awfully low, and the stores didn't have any to restock. (Reminder for future readers: the spring 2020 Pandemic did a number on food supply...
45 min

Sausage Hash with Tomatoes

My family adores this sausage hash with tomatoes. It does take a bit of time - 45 minutes start to finish, that's not bad - so it's generally a weekend thing for us. Even better, it's made with common ingredients:...
45 minutes

Dill Pickle Soup

This is my version of a Polish classic: Zupa Ogórkowa, or Dill Pickle Soup. It's a hearty potato soup with parsnips and carrots, enriched with sour cream and a double handful of finely chopped dill pickles. It's so satisfying! ...
25 minutes
20 3-inch tarts

Maple Tarts

Maple tarts - oh, how delicious! If you have a stock of unbaked tart shells in your freezer, like I do, they're next to no work to produce: just stir, pour, and bake. I do know that some people make...

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