Rhubarb, a Sign of Spring

Winter has been hanging on forever. It seems like it’s January 115th, rather than more than halfway through April. Some of the plants know that springtime is almost here – there are buds, some flowers are pushing up their stalks – but we have no blossoms yet, because it’s too dang cold, and we keep getting more snow and ice. As if anybody wants more snow and ice. Winter, go home!

rhubarb compoteI know that spring will be coming soon. It’s not just the calendar that tells me so – I spied some lovely stalks of rhubarb on my last trip to the local farmers’ market! Yes, they were greenhouse-grown. Wise local farmer, he has a plan for fickle springs.

I made rhubarb compote – or, as my grandmother would have called it, stewed rhubarb. Easy, delicious, and it tastes like spring.

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