Smoked Salmon Spread

Bagels are always a favorite in my house. Fortunately there’s a good bagel source nearby, so we often have them on hand. We also like to keep something we affectionally call “salmon glop” – a smoked salmon spread spiked with lemon and dill. It turns a plain bagel into a perfect brunch.

smoked salmon spreadIt tastes fantastic, but it’s also reasonably heart-healthy: we use Neuchatel, a lower fat cream cheese. It’s also a good candidate for making ahead of time, as it keeps, covered, in the refrigerator for almost a week.

I don’t use lox in this spread. My local grocery store, bless them, hot-smokes their own salmon, so I have a ready source. You’ll also find blister-packed smoked salmon chunks (sometimes called kippered salmon) in the refrigerated section in a lot of grocery stores.

I don’t have a smoker, but for those of you who are smoking enthusiasts (and you know who you are!) here’s Alton Brown’s recipe. Let me know how you like it – or better yet, send me a sample!

For the interested, I first posted about salmon glop way back in 2012. I think you’ll agree that I’ve improved in both writing and photography! The actual spread, though? It’s unchanged; once the recipe has been tweaked to perfection, I leave it alone. 

link to recipe:

smoked salmon spread with dill


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  1. The bagels and spread look delicious. I love the idea of the dill and lemon in the spread.

    • I’ve toyed with other herbs from time to time, but over the years I’ve always come back to lemon and dill. It’s just so satisfying.

  2. That spread looks great!! I make a smoked fish spread from a local fish called mullet.

    • I’d be interested to try that (yet another reason to visit you, yes?). Here in land-locked Michigan we don’t get much ocean fish, or at least not much that’s not exorbitantly expensive. I can find good salmon reliably, though!

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