Soup with Garlic Scapes

Soup with garlic scapes? Of course! You can make a lovely soup that features garlic scapes and green garlic. This makes a delicate soup that’s unexpectedly mild, and reminiscent of a creamy asparagus soup. Don’t be afraid of the scapes!

Garlic scapes are only available for a week or two in spring, when farmers snip off what would become the flower stems of the plant (they want the plant’s energy to go into producing bulbs, not flowers!) Green garlic – young bulbs of garlic with the leaves still attached – are likewise only available in spring. You might call this an essence of spring soup.

double garlic soup 2This recipe is adapted from Melissa Clark’s 2008 recipe published in the New York Times. It uses green garlic, which are . If you don’t happen to have green garlic, you can use ordinary garlic cloves, and toss in something very green (arugula, spinach) for the color.


Link to recipe: double garlic soup

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