Stuffed (unstuffed?) Pepper Soup

November, here in SE Michigan, brings cold blustery weather, and adds unpredictability. We might have sunshine, sleet, snow, or all of the above in one day. I call it soup weather: this is the time of year when I have great appreciation for a good bowl of soup. This one cooks in an hour, so there’s no need to haul out the crockpot. A lot of that time is hands-off, which means you might consider a quick batch of muffins to go with. Easy, warming, and delicious: what could be better?

Stuffed Pepper Soup in BowlThe thing is, I love stuffed peppers, but rarely have the patience to cook them. Stuffed pepper soup – or should that be unstuffed pepper soup? – is much easier, and every bit as tasty.

Make a big pot, because the leftovers keep well either refrigerated or frozen. This is a great soup to have on hand for the blustery weather ahead.


Link to recipe: stuffed pepper soup

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