Under construction!

You may have noticed a lapse in posting. I’m still cooking, and still blogging. I suppose the best way to say it is – I’m redecorating! Yes, I’m doing a blog redesign.

wine spritzerI seem to have outgrown my blog theme and my hosting service, and I’m taking the time to figure out what’s best to do next. I want the site to be easy to read! On the wishlist:

  • robust recipe index
  • categories and tags for recipes
  • easy search, so you can find something
  • clean design
  • adaptive for different screen sizes, including tablets and phones

Please write encouraging comments! Tell me what you love (or what you dislike) about the site currently, and I’ll do my best to incorporate your feedback.

In the meantime, pour yourself something nice (this spritzer is good with wine or sparking water; just blend a fruit juice with your choice! Check out the current recipe index, and I’ll see you again soon.



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