Using Forte Chocolates in #Choctoberfest

Choctoberfest is  the week when bloggers celebrate all things chocolate. This makes it a natural match for Forté Chocolates, whose mottos is “Celebrate Life With Chocolate.” Sounds great, right? All of their products have been created by master chocolatier Karen Neugebauer, who is rated among the top chocolatiers in the world today. The flavors are sensational!

scones with fireweed honey barForté Chocolates kindly sent me a selection of their chocolate bars, and I’ve turned them into both sweet and savory scones.

The first is a scone with bits of a bar that blends Madascar dark chocolate with fireweed honey. This scone didn’t last long in my kitchen! We all loved the rich and mellow flavor.

Link to recipe: scones with fireweed honey bar

Savory scones with rosemary sea saltThe second scone ventures into savory territory, based on a bar of white chocolate with rosemary and sea salt. The chocolate flavor is not pronounced here; it serves more as a mellow background, against which the herbal rosemary shines. Finished on top with salt crystals, this scone is both unusual and delightful. I’d love to serve these scones with a sharp cheese.

Link to recipe: savory scones with rosemary sea salt bar

Now if you would like to try some of these fine chocolates, visit Forté Chocolates at, as they are running a special on 3-bar collections. You might also join their holiday bake-off, where you can win bragging rights and an awesome chocolate prize pack. Do check their page for details, and have fun!

Note: Forté Chocolates, one of the sponsors of #Choctoberfest, kindly sent me samples of their bars so I could use them in recipes. They put no restrictions on my use, and I very much enjoyed the results. 


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