Best-Ever Cheese Muffins

Best-Ever Cheese Muffins - Get the Good Stuff - www.goodstuff.recipesI don’t use the term “Best-Ever” lightly. These are, truly, the best cheese muffins I’ve ever made.

They’re quick, dependable, and gloriously cheesy. They go well with soups or stews, work as a standalone snack, and make an irresistible breakfast.

I usually make these muffins with a bowl, spoon, and a box grater for the cheese, they can be made with a blender if you’re feeling electrical. Let’s bake!

Link to recipe: cheese muffins

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  1. […] grater can replace a blender or food processor at times. I don’t pull out the blender to make cheese muffins anymore, now that I have an effective grater to […]

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