Chasseur Sauce for Leftovers

Lots of people end up with refrigerators chock full but still can’t seem to pull a dinner out of it. Let’s say you’ve got 2 chicken breasts leftover from yesterday, or maybe a bit of cold beefsteak (but not enough for the whole family), or only about 2 cups of tag ends and shreds of pot roast. You know a great sauce might make these into a nifty dinner, but don’t feel up to a long stretch of stand-at-the-stove-and-stir… now what?

quick chasseur sauceI have the answer for you: a quick Chasseur sauce, which can make just about anything taste perfectly wonderful.

The classical sauce takes quite a lot of effort, and requires that you have already made a sauce Espagnole or a demi-glace. However, you can turn out an excellent sauce in about 30 minutes with some ordinary ingredients (and one surprise).


Link to recipe: quick chasseur sauce


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