Cherry Jam Three Ways

I’m lucky to live where some of my favorite fruit can grow. Recently I brought home half a peck of dark sweet cherries from a nearby orchard.

Cherries can stain your hands, clothing, and the kitchen counters, but they’re so worth making a mess! There are many ways to pit cherries – but my favorite is to recruit a family member to do it, and keep my own fingers clean.

Amaretto Cherry Butter

Amaretto Cherry Butter

Amaretto Cherry Butter is smooth, delicate, and restrained. It’s cooked in a slowcooker (crockpot): no standing and stirring!

Link to recipe: amaretto cherry butter


Cherry Apricot Jam | Get the Good StuffCherry Apricot Jam

Apricots and cherries are a natural match. The apricots add a welcome tartness to the sweet cherries, giving a jam that’s incredibly good with a cheese plate or on pancakes. Once the cherries are pitted, it goes together very quickly.

Link to recipe: cherry apricot jam


Smooth Cherry Jam | Get the Good StuffSmooth Cherry Jam

When you don’t have help pitting the cherries, consider Smooth Cherry Jam. This starts with 3 pounds of unpitted cherries; the pits are removed after the fruit has cooked enough to loosen them.

Link to recipe: smooth cherry jam

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