Chives: an edible flower

One of the easiest things to grow in any herb garden: a bunch of chives. Be careful, though, because they like to spread. I regularly whack them back to nubs, and they grow again every time. Not sure whether you have chives? Look for the distinctive fluffy purple chive blossom in spring.

chives in the gardenThose chive flowers are totally edible: scatter them on top of a salad or add to an omelet, where they’re pretty as well as flavorful.

I like to make my first preserve of the year every spring: chive blossom vinegar. You cannot possibly find an easier thing to make: pick the blossoms, stick ’em in a jar, pour vinegar over, and let them steep for a week or two. That’s it!


Link to recipe: chive blossom vinegar


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