Chives In My Garden

We had snow and hail last week, but it’s in the 90s today: welcome to springtime in SE Michigan. I’m working on the garden this week – first setting the chives and all the other herbs to rights, and then planting my favorite tomatoes.

chives in the gardenDo you grow chives? If you have a bit of garden, chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow, and one of the first to come up in the spring. In my garden, I’ll see them first appear in early May – just about the time I’m longing for something fresh and green. I snip them to use on potatoes, omelettes, and salads, and wait for the blossoms.

The blossoms are completely edible, as well, and some people love to shred them over salads, where they make a pretty accent. My spring ritual, though, is to make chive blossom vinegar. It’s the first ‘preserve’ of the year, and you can’t find an easier one: basically pick and pour.


Link to recipe: chive blossom vinegar


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