Chocolate Pear Butter

Looking at my preserves cupboard, I can see it’s been a good year for jams. Let’s see … there’s cherry jam three ways, blueberry-ginger jam, spiced tomato jam, strawberry-vanilla butter, peach, and apricot jams. But there are still a few gaps!

pearsThere’s a hole where the raspberry jam should be; I’m out of apple butter, and running low on pear. It’s pears I’d like to talk about today.

Everybody knows about applesauce, but pear-sauce is also very, very good. Pears turn into flavorful jams, as well. This week’s addition to my preserves cupboard: a chocolate pear butter, which is just as lush and tasty as it sounds. This may be my new favorite!


Link to recipe: chocolate pear butter

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