Cold Supper for a Hot Day

It’s full-on summer here, which means it’s (usually) hot and humid. Terribly, awfully, stickily humid. Even with modern air conditioning, for which I’m grateful, hot days mean cold suppers.

shrimp avocado salad SQOne of my favorites comes via my habit of browsing the food sections of far-away newspapers. I think it was the Sydney Morning Herald that published an interesting article on red and green holiday recipes. Of course Christmas and New Years are hot weather holidays down under!

I took the idea of a red and green shrimp salad and played around with it. I like to use fresh local radishes, crunchy and crisp, and put them with avocados and cold cooked shrimp. Neither avocado nor shrimp are local foods here, but for this salad, I can let that slide. Local or not, this is one terrific salad.


Link to recipe: shrimp & avocado salad


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