Easy Applesauce

ApplesauceNow that cool weather has arrived, it’s time to work on apples. Local orchards have bushels of fruit begging for my attention. I put up applesauce every year: it stores well, can be used in lots of ways, and is surprisingly easy.

I like to use a variety of sweet and tart apples in my sauce, and to use the peels and all: it makes a deeper, fuller, more appley flavor. The process, whether you have a huge basket or just an apple or two, is the same: cook the apples until soft, then mash or squish them. I find that the applesauce is quite sweet enough on its own, but if you must, add sweetener.

For planning purposes, figure that a bushel (42-48 pounds) will produce 14-15 quarts canned, and naturally a half-bushel half that much, and one peck (a quarter of a bushel) 10-14 pounds, will yield about 3 quarts, or 6-7 pint jars.

Link to recipe: applesauce

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