Goulash Soup (Gulaschsuppe)

goulash soup

It’s grey and cold outside, and all I want right now is cozy warmth. The forecast for the coming week suggests I may want to wrap myself in all the fleece and wool that I can find. Of course, I made soup. Let’s have warmth from the inside out!

Goulash, or in German gulasch, is a savory blend of onions and paprika with beef and sometimes potatoes, bound with a hint of tomato. It can be plain or fancy, soup or stew, thick or thin. It lends itself to variations: ‘student style’ is a dish with more gravy and less meat, because it’s thought that students can’t afford much. There’s a high-class version thick with meat and enriched with sour cream. ‘Carriage driver style’ is hearty and includes sausage, dumplings, and comes topped with a fried egg.

Our family favorite includes potatoes, and adds little sausages and pickles. In texture it’s a very thick soup, and we serve it with dark rye bread. I can’t think of a better dish for cold, grey, or damp weather.

Link to recipe: goulash soup – gulaschsuppe

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