Honey Butter Pie Crust

Yes, it’s possible to go beyond toast! I made a honey butter pie crust, betting that it would work out well – and it sure did. #CookoutWeek 2018 is a group effort among bloggers. Sponsors help us with this week, and I was sent a tub of honey butter with vanilla from ChefShamy.

chefshamy honey butterThis tub of luscious butter appeared on my doorstep (at no charge to me) – and I wanted to go beyond my first, second, or even third idea of how to use it. Add to grilled sweet potatoes? That would be fantastic, but kind of obvious. (and it was delicious, when I actually did that. Highly recommended!) Drizzle over strawberry shortcake? Again, too obvious.

I wanted to do something a bit beyond the ordinary. And given that I had local berries waiting to be used, I came up with a honey butter pie crust that was just perfect for the strawberry chocolate tart I’ve posted here before.

honey butter pie crust

It’s based on a simple pate brisée dough, or a 3-2-1 crust: by weight, 3 parts flour, 2 parts butter, 1 part icy cold water. Blind bake the dough for this tart: it’s delicious!

Take a look at the crust over there … isn’t it pretty? Watch the time and color while the crust bakes, because the honey in the butter means the crust will brown faster. Use this pre-baked crust for nearly any fruit tart. Pile stiff chocolate pudding into it for a chocolate cream pie. The vanilla honey butter makes the crust just a little sweet, like a pleasant bite of cookie: this was a definite win.

link to the recipe: honey-butter pie crust

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  1. I bet this butter makes an amazing pie crust! I’m definitely trying it out.

  2. It is pretty and I love a shortbread crust.

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