Irish Brown Bread Small Batch

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this blog, I’m downsizing in my kitchen. As much as possible, I’ll make a small batch of something, because most of the time I’m cooking for only two people.

Irish Brown breadI’ve found my go-to bread! Thanks to the Ballymaloe Cookery School (in Ballymaloe Ireland, it’s high on my want-to-visit list!) and noted blogger/baker David Lebovitz, I have a recipe for a single loaf of brown bread.

It’s delicious. It’s quick: I can stir it up in 5 minutes and be eating it an hour later. It’s healthy: it uses whole grain flour that I mill myself, with a MockMill attachment for my stand mixer. It’s easy: there’s no kneading at all. I stir it up with a spoon or a dough whisk. And did I say it’s delicious? It’s absolutely delicious.

Give this one a try. If you don’t grind your own wheat, make it anyway! Irish wholemeal flour is coarser than our standard whole wheat flour, so you might want to substitute some wheat germ for a bit of the flour – go ahead, try it out. Here’s an indulgence that is actually good for you.




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  1. Sounds good Maurita. I will give it a try. Merry Christmas. Judi

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