Magic Chocolate Cake

Well, what would YOU call it? This is a chocolate cake that tastes great, is dead simple to make, and uses NO eggs, NO milk, NO cream, NO butter – NO dairy products at all. NO cholesterol, if you use the right oil. Oh, and it goes together (and bakes) within 40 minutes. I call it magic.

cocoa powder - magic chocolate cakeIt’s my family’s favorite snack cake of all time. I’ve called it Magic Chocolate Cake for three decades or so, though it derives from something called Wacky Cake. The origin of that cake is a bit of a mystery, though it’s assumed to have become popular due to the rationing in the U.S. during World War II, when milk and eggs were scarce. You can use just about any kind of oil for this cake; I’ve used part leftover bacon grease, in fact. And you can make it right in the pan if you like – though I prefer using my bowl because I find it faster. Fast is better.

We don’t have rationing today, but it’s very nice to have a cake in your repertoire that can be made entirely with ingredients you have in the pantry at all times. Need a cake within 45 minutes? This is your go-to recipe – and it’s great.

Link to recipe: magic chocolate cake recipe


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