Oat and Wheat Bread

It’s been cold, cold, COLD! During the frigid polar vortex days I wanted to bake all the things, all day long, so I could hang out in a warm kitchen. I made soup; I made stew; I made oat and wheat bread.

Make that fantastic bread. Oat and wheat bread starts with a sort of rough porridge, and then 2 kind of flours get added, to produce a loaf that’s both delicate and sturdy. All fresh bread smells wonderful, but the cinnamon added to this one makes it smell even better.

oatmeal wheat bread rectThe next time I make this bread, I may make one loaf and a batch of rolls, so that we could grab hot rolls fresh from the oven. It’s so good that we don’t want to wait for it to slice cleanly. This is not a quick bread – it does take 3 hours or so. I kneaded it in the KitchenAid stand mixer, so it was easy on my wrists.

It’s also a bread that rewards some improvisation. One day, when I was setting out to make this bread, I happened to have about a cup of leftover steel-cut oatmeal. I tossed that right in at the beginning with the rolled oats. While I had to add more flour at the end to compensate – I just added flour until the consistency was right – it was just as delicious and moist. This bread is a favorite with everybody in the family: I’ll be making a lot more of it.




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