Old-fashioned cucumber & tomato salad

Think about how people lived through hot summers before air conditioning was common: cold suppers, supper on the porch, cooling salads, and lots of lemonade and iced tea. This still sounds good, right? Try this old-fashioned cucumber & tomato salad – a summer classic.

It combines chunks of tomatoes and cucumber, marinated in a simple vinaigrette with some onion. You can omit the onion, if you like, or change it up with green onion instead. Add whatever herbs sound good to you. Add garlic, or not, as you please. This is flexible!

Grandma's cucumber and tomato saladIt’s so easy. It uses up abundant produce from the garden, and can be made ahead of time. You can scale it up to feed a huge crowd at a family get-together, or make it in a dainty little portion for your supper. I’ve made it in a beautiful composed arrangement, or simply chucked stuff into a big bowl with a lid, closing it up, and shaking the bowl to mix. Talk about simple!


Link to recipe: Grandma’s cucumber & tomato salad

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