Peach Upside-Down Cake

This blog focuses on what’s local and in season. I do make some exceptions, though: my wheat and flour do not come from local growers. I like bananas, avocados, and ginger, none of which grow anywhere nearby. And I love peaches from the Peach Truck – glorious peaches, trucked from Georgia right to my doorstep.

peaches in boxThese peaches are just a few days off the tree! If the fruit is this fresh, and the truck brings them to a mile from my house, I think I’ll count them as “local enough”. And I sure will enjoy eating them. I’m working my way through a case of peaches – that’s 25 lbs . Let Peach Season begin!

I’ve been eating fresh peaches every day; who wouldn’t? I’ve made my favorite peach-oolong jam and a simple peach tart, both of which recipes are posted here already. And then there’s this caramel peach upside-down cake, which is a great reason to go out and find ripe peaches right now, if you don’t have a truck that brings ’em to you.

caramel peach upside down cakeIn one way, this cake is very simple: fresh peaches, a little bit of caramel, and a cardamom-kissed cake batter. The taste is delightfully complex, though. The slight bitterness of the caramel offsets the sweetness of the peaches.

It’s well worth turning on the oven, even if it’s a scorcher of a day and the A/C is running. The cake is best eaten the day it’s made, though any left over will be okay covered at room temperature over night. I can almost guarantee you won’t have a leftover cake problem by lunchtime!


Link to recipe: caramel peach upside-down cake

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