Pickle Soup – a winner!

While it hasn’t been an especially cold winter, so far, it’s often been dank and grey. In my kitchen, the best remedy for the winter blahs is a pot of soup. Recently I experimented with a Polish dill pickle soup – and found a new family favorite. What a winner!

I first tasted this soup at a local restaurant, and loved it. When I found a Polish grocery store, I was delighted that they sell pickle soup in quarts along with uncounted varieties of kielbasa and terrific rye bread.

dill pickle soupEveryone in the house likes it so much that one quart (at a time) is simply not enough, and so I hit the kitchen. Here’s the result: a big batch – easily 8 to 10 full servings. If you’d like something a bit smaller, cut everything in half, and you’ll still have a lovely pot of soup. Serve it with grilled cheese, or simply some good rye bread.


Link to recipe: dill pickle soup

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