Pot Roast Soup

pot roast soupFebruary was a cruel cold month. I craved comfort and warmth, and turned to the kitchen, making breads, stews, and casseroles, both favorites and experimental.

One of the best experiments turned an indifferent pot roast (yes, I have kitchen failures) into an exquisitely delicious soup.

Do you have leftover pot roast? Are you ready to turn it into something incredible? Ready to experiment a bit?

Read on, this soup’s for you.

I began with Stupendously Simple Beef, a ridiculously easy pot roast that usually is delicious and tender. This time, however, it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure I made a simple error with the cooking time. You’d think I could add 5 to some number and get the right answer, but hey, it was cold, okay? I goofed. So I refrigerated the meat and the cooking liquid separately, and 2 days later, made this pot of wonderful. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be making extra pot roasts in future, just to be able to make this soup.

Link to recipe: pot roast soup

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