Pressure Canning Fish Stock

fish stock in jarsLet me just say this: I miss New England, especially the chowder! Local prices for ocean fish are sky-high: only to be expected in Michigan, but a problem for a frugal cook. Bottled clam juice just doesn’t have the flavor of a great fish-based stock.

When my local fishmonger told me he was going to cut halibut filets, and would save the frames for me, I made a large batch of strong fish stock and canned it. As with all stocks, a pressure canner is required to safely put it up in jars.

Link to recipe: strong fish stock

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  1. Pressure canning stock is a staple in our house. We have a tiny freezer, but plenty of pantry space, so we have multiple quarts of chicken, turkey, whatever stock we end up making. Also, we keep running bags of vegetable cuttings and bones in the freezer to use. When the bags are full, we turn them into stock. Voila!

    • Exactly! And I may not be able to get fish frames as often as I’d like, so canning the stock makes all kinds of sense. Now chowder is a 30 min quickie!

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