Rare Roast Beef from the Instant Pot

Once in a while, I get a complete surprise in the kitchen. As I’ve accumulated experience, this happens less often, but it does happen, and so it was this week. Against all my expectations, I learned how to produce rare roast beef from the Instant Pot!

Sure, I’ve made pot roast in that Pot – very nice pot roast it is, too. The Instant Pot is a fantastic device for braising meats and tenderizing tough cuts. I was sure that was pretty much the limit for cooking meat – and I was dead wrong.

Instant Pot Rare Roast BeefFor me, it began with a chance encounter on the Internet. I read a post by Jill Selkowitz on her blog thisoldgal.com that stopped me cold. She’s such an expert at using the Instant Pot that she’s published a comprehensive new cookbook which will hit stores next month. It’s definitely on my Get This list.

Her post on Foolproof Pressure Cooker Roast Beef caught my attention. When I found a nice sale on rolled sirloin tip roast at my grocery store, I bought a small one and experimented. The results amazed me: yes, you CAN make rare roast beef from the Instant Pot!

There are other versions of this roast on the Internet (some older, some newer). Bloggers use varying liquids in their recipes, sometimes different timings – but all the versions have some common features:

  • you need only 1 cup of liquid in the pot (that’s the minimum required)
  • except if you have an 8-qt Instant Pot, you’ll need a minimum of 2 cups liquid
  • a flavorful liquid boosts flavor in the roast
  • if you sear the roast, do it very briefly
  • set the pot to pressure cook for a short time – this will kill surface bacteria
  • use the Keep Warm setting, which ranges between 133-167˚F  or 56 -75 C – in other words, after the initial blast, cook low and slow

This recipe has already gone into my family’s permanent repertoire. Roast beef without heating up the kitchen! Edge-to-edge rare! Roast beef, start to finish, within an hour. We’re happy with this process and the results, and I think you will be  too.


Link to recipe: instant pot rare roast beef

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  1. This looks heavenly!
    I am going to have to try this.

    • I hope you will! Let me know what liquids you end up using, what size roast, what timing. I’d love to get comments from the people who try the recipe.

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