2 hrs
6-7 pint jars
Applesauce isn't hard to make at all, and it's also simple to can using a waterbath.
  • 1 peck (10-14 pounds) apples (I like to use a variety)
  • ½ to 1 cup apple cider or juice

I prefer to use a variety of apples, some sweet, some tart; I feel the applesauce has a fuller flavor that way.

Wash the apples. Put ½ to 1 cup apple cider or juice in the bottom of a big pot, and turn on the heat. Remove apple stems and cut the fruit in quarters, or eighths if the apples are very large. Put the cut apples right into the pot as you go.

Cook gently until all the apples are soft. Stir occasionally, and don’t let the apples scorch on the bottom!

A note: you can certainly use a slow cooker if you’d prefer. Use much less apple cider or juice, and just cook the apples on low until they are all mushy. 

When the apples are tender, put them through a food mill, which will remove seeds and skins. You can use a manual food mill, but for a large quantity, I used the fruit strainer attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer – what a workhorse that is! Great results in record time.

can in boiling waterbath

Prepare jars as usual – I chose wide-mouth pints. Put hot applesauce into prepared jars, leaving ½ inch headspace. Can in a boiling water bath 20 minutes for quarts, 15 minutes for pints. Let cool and label.


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