30 min
makes 12 muffins

Cheese Muffins

These are, truly, the best cheese muffins I’ve ever made: quick, dependable, and gloriously cheesy, they go well with soups or stews, work as a standalone snack, and make an irresistible breakfast. ...
60 min
Makes 3-4 quarts

Pot Roast Soup

I started with the leftovers from a 3-pound pot roast, and ended up with 3-4 quarts of pot roast soup. Just pull out a medium-large pot and you can't go wrong. It's also a great way to use up...
90 min
Serves 6-8

Mushroom Tart

This mushroom tart is perfect no matter what the thermometer reads, and mushrooms are always easy to find. If you have access to fresh wild mushrooms, they’ll make this tart even better. Adapted from the Wild Mushroom Tart published in...
50 min
Serves 4

Winter Peach Cobbler

This is why I put up fruit in the summer. There’s nothing that feels more luxurious and decadent than peach crisp in a snowstorm. If you freeze fruit – peaches, pears, apples, berries, whatever – then you can have amazing winter...

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