Scallop Bisque

The weather’s turned chilly and I’m in my kitchen making soup. That’s very common around here: colder weather means soups, stews, and freshly baked bread or muffins. Last night’s supper was no exception: it was a quick scallop bisque.

Scallop bisqueI started with a pound of frozen sea scallops, made a thickened broth from milk and cream, added a dollop of lobster base for oomph and color. And in only 20 minutes or so, I had a winner of a soup that became an instant family favorite. This is the reason I’ll be keeping a pound of scallops in my freezer this winter!

I made a quick batch of cheese/garlic biscuits to go with, but I’d also suggest the splendid cheese muffins, or Irish brown bread,  as good accompaniments. Honestly, there isn’t much that you need to make a really, really good supper from this soup.


Link to recipe: creamy scallop bisque

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