The Cake that Cures Everything – but Smaller – for #Choctoberfest

In My Kitchen Year, Ruth Reichl published a recipe for an enormous cake, which she called “The Cake That Cures Everything”.  What a cake! Made of two gigantic 9×13 layers, it could serve 24 to 36 chocolate lovers. Her original recipe may be found on her own website, as well as among the recipes compiled by the NY Times. If you make the cake in its original ginormous size, be sure to invite all your friends, who will surely love it.

that cake cut down to sizeThis is a seriously wonderful cake: deep, chocolatey, tender, with an outstanding frosting. I have a small family, though, and I wanted a smaller version.

My kitchen experiment was successful, and I’ll pass on the method to you, if only to save you from the math. (What IS 2 1/2 cups divided by 3?) The result is a cake that will serve 8 to 10 – and if that’s still too large, well, the pieces freeze well.

Link to recipe: that cake cut down to size

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  1. Can’t wait to try it. I thought the original recipe looked wonderful, but could not think of any time when I’d be feeding enough people to warrant making it.

    • I’ve made the original ONLY when I had a crowd coming. It’s a splendid, fabulous, wonderful recipe: but SO HUGE!

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