White Bean and Garlic Scape Dip

Republished, because white bean & garlic scape dip is entirely excellent for a hot weather meal (or snack). The season for garlic scapes is fleeting. Grab your favorite raw vegetables, and sit down with this splendid hummus-like dip. 

On hot summer evenings, I don’t feel much like cooking. Tonight I pulled out garlic scapes and various vegetables from the recent CSA box, plus a can of white beans, and produced a smooth, garlicky dip that’s healthy and full of protein.

White Bean Garlic Scape Dip | Get the Good StuffMy favorite vegetable for dipping is kohlrabi. Crisp and smooth, it tastes vaguely like broccoli stems, and when cut into slices, is sturdy enough to carry the thickest dip. Yellow or red bell peppers are good, as are mild radishes, stalks of endive, cucumber, sliced carrot, and celery.

Link to recipe: white bean & garlic scape dip



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