Winter Baked Tomatoes

Ah, wintertime in the Great Lakes – nothing much is growing here except the icicles hanging from the eaves. On the gloomy days, there’s nothing better than a taste of summer. If you canned or froze produce, terrific. But what if you did not? Extra baked tomatoes are the answer.

extra baked tomatoesYou can take store-bought winter tomatoes and make them taste absolutely fabulous. It requires a decent tomato to start with; there’s nothing you can do to rescue a hard pink rock.

Look for a tomato that smells like a tomato,   because if there’s no smell, there won’t be much taste either.

If you can find ripe tomatoes on the vine (typically these are hydroponic tomatoes) they’re a great place to start.

Link to recipe: extra baked tomatoes

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